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    To see beyond the edge,
    To jump into the unknown,
    Pierce the vast void, shrouded in mists,
    To deal with the rushing adrenalin
    As we reach for the climax

    Crossing the barrier has never been so real to me,
    The fear, the tantalizing sensation,
    The nervousness that others felt before.
    Primeval thoughts and present moments
    All glide into the chaos.

    Body and Soul,
    I write plainly,
    But feel the complexity inside;
    Gushing, tickling, forewarning,
    It stays for a moment
    But fades too fast.

    Intense, it keeps me wanting more.
    My feet, still on a firm ground,
    My mind as shrew as the Raven which sought Lenore,
    Only I seek the “ever more”.

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