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    Picture a woman who looks not unlike the actress Jennifer Connelly. That’s who was next to me this morning. Long dark hair, blue eyes, beestung lips. Sculpted legs and arms, small waist, busty C-cup. We recorded this for all of you, Literotica fans. She had freshly waxed her pussy the day before, so I was determined to take advantage of that fact. You’ll hear her say “do you like being down there?” not long after I start going down on her. For the next ten minutes or so, you’ll hear her orgasms roll over her one after the other. At about 11:45 in, she returns the favor, sucking on my thick 7 inch cock. I soon grow impatient to slide into her tight wet pussy and proceed to put her dainty feet with a fresh red pedicure on my shoulders, pounding her deeply until I suddenly can’t hold back, cumming first on her pussy and then back inside her. We hope you get off listening to this recording and please provide feedback.

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