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    No creamy
    white skin,
    I’d rather have
    you tanned- no
    lines- then my life
    would definitely be

    The girls
    are nice and
    ripe, and just the
    right size- two 34C’s
    right in front of my
    widened eyes-

    You arse
    is great, your
    legs are long-
    you definitely look
    great in bathers or
    a thong-

    Your hair
    is long, curly
    and brown, they
    match your eyes,
    made up huge and

    Your lips are
    nice and painted
    red- I’d love to kiss
    them, then take you
    to bed-

    We’d lay there
    all day and play-
    we’d kiss and hug,
    and hold each other
    then we’d have our

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