Deepthroating 101

there are several stories and guides posted on the subject of giving blowjobs. Many of them are great and give various techniques and opinions on how to enhance oral sex on a guy. Once again, I’m not claiming to be an expert, especially at the young age of 22, but I do have skill, experience and above all, enthusiasm. In this post, I’m focusing on the deepthroating aspect because I feel over time I have gotten pretty good at it and want to pass my knowledge along so that I may help others.

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How to Become a Sissy/Cuckold

This is a How To Guide for Sissies and Cuckolds.

Please do not read this guide if you have no interest in the cuckold/sissy lifestyle.

Like most couples these days both partners will be doing demanding full time jobs. Traditionally husbands have done gardening, cleaning the car, putting out the trash, performing do it yourself jobs around the house, driving the car if you are going out in it together and anything that might come under the heading of ‘physically demanding’ work. It’s true that the last sentence now sounds somewhat old fashioned although there are still marriages where such arrangements exist.

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How to Orally Pleasure a Man

This is a bit stream of consciousness and so it’s not organized at all but I think you’ll love reading it anyway.

Most important rule of a blowjob is Wetness wetness wetness.


Wetness is very important.

Watch some videos online and see all the available different techniques.

There’s hundreds of them.

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Satisfying A woman Is not About the dick

So this is my V2 of this piece. After much consideration, I’ve added a few things and clarified a few things to make it better.

This is my opinion and knowledge gathered from many years of pursuing better sexual relationships. All I can write about is my experience so take it for what it is. If you disagree with any of it, you’re more than entitled and I applaud your approach. I have no desire to wrestle with anyone about these ideas. This is one man’s opinion and one man’s pursuit.

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How to Take a Deep Throat

In this video, tattooed young brunette Arabelle Raphael shows how she takes a cock deep into her throat. While she demonstrates with a very girthy toy, she gives pointers on opening your throat, eye contact, and the importance of lots of saliva. Learn how to give a man a deep treat – or just enjoy her technique!

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How to Deep throat

Video Story: How to Eat Pussy for Men & Women

In this video, bisexual beauty Lexi Luna takes you through step by step how to give the woman in your life the ultimate oral pleasuring.

Enjoy Alexis’ video story, and please let us know what you think in the comments!

Ass licking made easy

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