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    My new branch at the rival is a much
    stricter environment but mostly it’s the
    same old same with me occupying a teller
    window for most of the day and covertly
    checking out most of the female clientele
    on the side. As far as the female
    percentage here at this new bank; none of
    them fit the bill if you know what I mean.
    “Hey you; I’ve been looking for you for a
    minute.” I was roused from my inner
    musings by a rapping on my window.
    Standing there looking at me was this
    youthful looking dark skinned Asian
    woman. She had shoulder length wet
    looking curly hair that partially obscured
    her roundish face.
    “Have we met before?”
    “Well, who are you?” I was burning with
    curiosity at this smiling teen from all
    appearances. She was tall enough to look
    me in the eye and appeared to be
    overweight to say the least.
    “I’m the next girl you’re going to fuck.”
    Her answer blindsided me as she back
    away from my window and went to have a
    seat in the customer waiting area of the
    branch. Despite myself my eyes took stock
    of this bold teen finding that she had an
    acute pear shape and one of the biggest
    asses I’d ever seen in my life. I’d definitely
    seen monster sized butts before but this
    one was simply intimidating and attached
    to an Asian woman. This girl seemed like a
    kid and that gave me pause because it
    seemed like things had gone full circle. I’d
    originally been fooled by a con artist at my
    previous job and forced to cash a bunch of
    fraudulent checks before being caught by
    my supervisor Melanie Santos. That one
    incident had changed my life leaving me
    with a predilection for women of the big and
    tall variety for better or worse depending on
    your perspective.
    The girl sat in the lobby apparently waiting
    for me to get off work and I became a little
    nervous because my private life was
    somehow intruding on my professional
    once again. She behaved like she knew me
    or someone connected to me on some way
    and I honestly didn’t have a clue who that
    person could be. The girl comically seemed
    to have trouble sitting in the lobby chairs
    which somehow lost the battle as she
    forced her massive butt down into it. She
    seemed taller than the other patrons sitting
    beside her and possessed of a carefree
    demeanor as she played on her phone. She
    was definitely on the young side from her
    long greasy looking unkempt hair, the
    make-shift Hello Kitty t-shirt, jean capris to
    the floral print sandals on her feet.
    “Excuse me uhm?”
    “Fanny.” She never looked up continuing to
    text in nonstop movements that made her
    fingers blur with speed of which only a
    teenage girl was capable.
    “Yeah I know how it sounds considering all
    this ass I’m hauling around; name’s Fanny
    Budiman if you’re interested in last names
    and all.” She looked up for a second
    flashing me a kid’s smile and making me
    worry even more that I was going to be in
    trouble later.
    “Look I don’t think we know each other
    and you look a little young.” I squirmed
    inside at my choice of words which implied
    that there was a chance of hooking up if
    she was of legal age.
    “Don’t worry I’m legal; but you’re not going
    to be thinking about shit when you’re doing
    me doggie.” There was an old Mexican
    woman sitting within earshot that shot us
    both disgusted looks. Fanny simply stuck
    her tongue out at the woman who quickly
    got up and sat in another section.
    “Look you’ve got to go Fanny; you’re going
    to get me in trouble.” Other patrons were
    shooting us looks as well.
    “Well I see your point; but I’m not going to
    leave unless you let me get a selfie with
    “Yeah baby; I think we’re totally cute
    together.” It took her a moment to get out
    of the narrow seat and I obliged her before
    noticing my supervisor glaring from a
    corner of the floor. Fanny snapped a few
    shots before bouncing out of the branch
    leaving me to face the wrath of my
    supervisor. Thanks to that chubby little
    Asian girl, I received my first reprimand not
    even a week into my new job. I finished my
    day feeling like big brother was looking
    right over

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