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    I know, it’s so good.
    You’re not telling me anything I don’t know
    Fragrant flower of mine.

    Nothing new.

    You are my fresh blossom
    Of bedewed, pure desire.

    Mine and yours.
    Yours now and forever.
    So you say.
    So I believe, so I will always believe.

    My pleasure and my treasure.

    Who else would take all of me and beg for more and more.
    Who else would give me all, and fill me with a delicious feeling of manhood.
    Who else.

    So loving to take so much.
    I give so much, and you,
    You take all I give,
    All I have to offer,
    Filling you up.
    Feeling you feeling me, filling you up.

    Slipping into you,
    Slipping all I have into you.

    Begging for all I have.
    Begging for me.
    Begging to be filled.
    And I do,
    Pleasing you always and forever.

    Pleasing you,
    Giving you what you need.
    As you tell me over and over,
    Please me dear one,
    Give it to me.

    And I do.

    Now, now, now, now,
    Take it all.
    Take it all my passion, my moist, dear, darling, fulfilling passion.
    Take it all, deeper and deeper.

    And you do.

    Now and forever, I will ever be here, ever be here making you happy.
    Making you adore me,
    As I adore you,
    My passion flower
    Of joy.

    It comes now, it comes.
    You feel it and beg for it, for more of it, and I want it, I want it.
    I want it,
    As you want it.

    I want you.

    I want you.
    And you want me.

    Cry for me. Cry out for me.
    I am here.

    I am always here.

    I am here.

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