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    Chapter One

    Vivienne was a powerful knight gifted with beauty and a sacred armor that protected her from harm. She laid serene in a nearby lake off the road of a major trade route, where she had taken a rest and clean herself off after the stress and grime of a few days of travel. She was on a mission to find a devious witch who has been targeting maidens and turning them sex crazed. The voluptuous tan skinned girl walked out of the lake revealing her short light brown curvaceous body. She made sure to dry herself off, working over her thick thighs inside and out before moving up her waist and torso to her large soft breasts and donned her scared armor once more, given to her by the king. It consist of a ornamented gold and silver suit with a cape at the hips, it covered all but her face providing sufficient protection. It was enchanted by the court mages to help her in her pursuit of the witch. She moved her hands down her hourglass figure before attaching her sword to the waist. She worked over her dark curls and let the waves of hair flow to the middle of her back. Her large beautiful eyes adored with heart shaped pupils shimmered as she looked down the path she was preparing to head.

    She headed down the path carefully since recently the trade route was prone to attacks from a bandit gang that had claimed the area. She watched the path ends and noticed movement in the trees and drew her sword.

    “I know you are there! come out and throw your weapons away!” She announced into the dark forest. Before she finished her sentence she was surrounded by a small group of them. They smirked and juggled knives and swords with malicious intent. They noticed her armour and wanted it off her dead or alive, her being a king’s knight meant nothing if outnumbered. They lunged at her all at once, but she defeated them quickly with a single swipe of her sword, the force of the strike sent shockwaves cutting through the air from the blade sending them all flying in seperate directions. Quickly while they were disoriented she collected them and tied them together before leaving, letting the route patrol handle them from there while she continued her witch hunt. It wasn’t long after she came across a small figure with a large hat and staff cloaked in a dark robe. ‘The witch no doubt,’ Vivi thought drawing her sword and pointing it at the witch.

    “Stop right there criminal scum! You have been accused of multiple crimes against the kingdom, release the maidens from your twisted curse at once and turn yourself in!” She proclaimed standing valiantly as her breast shook from the motion despite the armor. The witch’s blonde hair waved as she turned to look at Vivi curiously. The witch examined the knight, noticing it was enchanted with a counter spell for her normal perversion spell, being the slightest bit impressed that the court mage had managed that much. A scowl crossed her face for a moment before she grinned widely, planning on using the knight to test a new spell. A single finger was pointed at the young knight as the air hummed slightly building her sinister spell.

    “That won’t work fowl witch!” Vivi roared charging the other woman weapon poised and ready. The busty knight was a step away from her target when she started to feel warm and unbalanced. She fell on her forward on her knees and noticed she could barely move as changing and shifting. Turning from the full protective suit to a skimpier nonsensical set. The chest plate turning into revealing bikini top that so barely covered her large breasts. The leggings turning a pair of planted panties that accentuated her ass and thighs leading to the armored heels that went just above her knees. While this transformation occurred she grew increasingly aroused and could barely focus on the snickering deviant. Her body grew flushed and she seemed to be burning from the inside out with each breath. She laid on her back and tried to remove the armor when she could no longer take it, knowing it to be the cause after hearing about the other cases. The witch approached and watched pleased as the fallen knight squirmed before getting an even more wicked idea waving a finger, casting another spell as a present for the knight before disappearing. Vivi felt what seemed like a phallus growing into the armor that penetrated her and proceeded to fuck her senseless, constantly bringing her just to the edge of an orgasm before stopping waiting for her to settle and then continuing.

    Vivi suffered with the arousing torture for what felt like hours before she noticed the bandits she defeated earlier creeping into view. She felt the phallus disappear, leaving her needy and unsatisfied. They grinned and held her down before tearing off the breastplate of the armor with ease. She was shocked at how easy they removed it after her struggles as her massive breasts shudder in their newfound freedom and her dark nipples as hard and pointed as her sword, letting her be no question of her aroused state. One man, bolder than the others was the first to grope her roughly massaging her breasts with calloused hands, sucking and pulling on her sensitive nipples. Shameful moans escape the girl as the others tore off the panties, again surprising ease, and began toying with her. She cursed at the witch who had done this to her between her moans. She was held uselessly at knife point as they took turns ravaging her. One by one they slammed into her quivering pussy with their pulsing cocks, roughly violating her and filling her womb with their numerous sperm. They teased and tormented her, only seeking their own satisfaction but all she could do in response was moan wantonly.

    “Hey don’t hog her all to yourself it’s my turn!” one of the impatient rouges complained to the one currently ravaging her.

    “Wait your turn like the rest! I’m nowhere near done yet.” He retorted not giving up his spot. The impatient rouge frowned and growled before gazing at Vivi’s full lips.

    “Hey move her down some” He asked with a elighted realization. The other man complied and moved the knight to allow the impatient rouge to invade her throat with his large cock, others of the group saw and found themselves eager to try. She couldn’t summon up the strength to resist or bite down, she never wanted to admit it but she was enjoying it far too much and cursed the witch again as they came down her throat, pumping her with cum from this hole as well. They making sure she swallowed all it with loud gulps not letting go until she did. She gasped in large breaths the few moments between having her throat fucked.

    The thieves adjusted her again, not everyone pleased with waiting still. One of them moved behind her, unceremoniously plunged their cock into her ass, proceeding to fuck the knight like a toy, not showing an ounce of kindness as they filled the tight hole, filling it with their unclean sperm like the rest of her once finished. Vivi both enjoyed and hated each turn the men took, not finishing until they all had their way with her two or three times over each. She laid defeated on the ground exhausted and covered with dirt and sperm. The men stepped back to catch their breath and decide what to do with the girl and her supplies, to their surprise the armor magically placed itself back on her waiting for the next time to activate. The came to a decision and approached the prone knight who was too worn out to try get up and get her sword to fend off any further attack before she felt herself lifted.

    They tied her up and placed her on one of their horses, while another carried her sword making sure it would stay out of her reach, sure to catch a good price. Exhausted she slipped into a light doze as she waited for a chance to escape, dreaded knowing this once sacred armor would be her continued downfall. The bandits took her back to their lair and tied to her to a post with arms above her head and her legs spread. As she was abandoned there waiting for them to decide her fate her armour once more awoke, her armor beginning to force her back into arousal.

    Michael, the bandits leader, passed the knight looking her over before taking her from the pole to his bath to the wash, leaving her wrist bound to prevent escape. He removed her barely covering armor and put her in the tub and looped the bindings to it. A warm bath had already been drawn in preparation for him, saving him the time of filling the tub himself. Quickly moving around the room he grabbed a fresh rag and covered it with soap stolen from nobles who wandering the roads outside of town, working it into a good lather after stripping and joining the knight in the warm water. He starting rubbing at her from her waist and moved slowly up to her bust.

    “You’ve got quite a nice pair, I like em nice and big.” He teased crudely, purely groping her breasts through the rag as opposed to cleaning them. Vivi tried to scowl, but the curse placed upon her made the rough molestation feel pleasurable.

    “They aren’t yours to play with!” She retorted trying to sound adamant in her resolve but her attempts at struggling appearing weak. She tried to undo the binding, moving her wrists pulling one apart from the other. The bandit leader smile at her futile attempts and resumed cleaning the dirty knight, working top to bottom down to her legs. Easily he moved her so she was sitting in his lap. She could feel his dick rub against her slit as he adjusted her to reach more of her skin. Subtly she tried to move off him but only succeeded at rubbing herself against his shaft.

    “Oh you dirty slut. You just can’t wait for me to fuck you,can you?” He jested, grinding his cock against the knights flushed lower lips. Vivi renewed her struggles to no avail as he thrusted himself into her. Unbidden she moaned arched her back in pleasure, ashamed at how far she has fallen so quickly.

    “I’m liking you more and more” He grinned thrusting his cock into her with a coarse and demanding pace. Her breast bounced against the force of his demands. Watching them dance with each thrust made him want more, upping the ante, rocking her body and causing her heavy mounds to bounce further. Vivi’s constricted around Michael, being pulled along by her body, withstanding and enjoying his brutal pace. With each meeting of their hips she could feel her need to come growing but the curse would not let her until he did. Once the need became too much she gave in and moved in time with Michael, internal muscles working him until she could feel his warmth spill deep into her, a moment later her own release washed over her. She relaxed in the tub, heart shaped pupils more prominent to him.

    With a smirk Michael untied the bound girl picking her up and slinging her over his shoulder then dropping her on his bed removing her bindings, wasting not a moment to begin caressing her. The armor magically made its way, not straying far from her. Vivi fought with herself trying to regain self control and hold back as the curse on her armor made his gentle touch feel like heaven. He tasted her brown skin working her up again slowly so he could continue to have his way. He gazed at her tenderly, peering deep into her large blue eyes.

    “I’d love to have a women like to on my arm. How about it?” He asked almost sincerely still gazing at her. She stop and returned the tender look, wondering how different he really could be.

    “And why should I be yours? I didn’t ask to be here.” She responded defiantly her look changing from tender to fiery as she came back to her senses. Now that her need had been fulfilled her arousal was no longer quite so overwhelming even with the curse.

    “You have that much right I’ll admit, but who do ya prefer? Me? Or my boys? I’m sure they would have lots of fun with you.” He threatened playing with her soft, neverending curls. “I’d treat you nice” he continued feeling down her body. The neatly folded armor in the corner glowed slightly as it put forward its influence on Vivi, seeming to disagree with her new disposition. She clawed the bed as she felt it coming into effect, her heart rate rose and her body warmed. He saw her expression turn from defiant to mush as he toyed with her more, her reactions greater than they had been a moment before. He was sure she was falling in love with him, assuming the reaction was to him and his touch. He drooled at the sight of her eager breasts in their full glory, clean and facing him without soapy water obscuring them, squeezing them hard he leaned licking at her nipples before testing pinching and twisting them, wondering which would arouse her more. Inspiration struck him and he straddled her chest placed his once more hard cock between her breasts.

    Roughly he pressed her round boobs mounds together and thrusted in between them smoothly, still slightly slick from their bath, the tip of his dick hitting against her lips. Vivi was mesmerized by him and his delicious cock, watching it like a hungry animal, the curse messing with her thoughts. No matter how much she tried to convince herself she didn’t want this, she couldn’t stop herself from gently kissing the tip as it made it way to her again. His next trust had them both moaning as she opened her mouth allowing his dick to slide past her lips and across her tongue with no resistance. Michael moaned as she nursed his tip while he fucked her beautiful brown tits. As pleasure started to wrap itself around he got rougher, faster and deeper with each stroke. His hips stuttered against her velvety mounds as he felt himself reaching peak again, making one more thrust, keeping the head of his cock between her soft lips and letting his cum flow down her tongue. He watched her heart pupils glow as she swallowed his load and panted, he was proud his boys we’re able to catch this one for him.

    He dismounted her and flips her to stomach, she tried to lift herself up only to feel his hand press down on her head as the other hand waisted her hips and ass into the air. While he was certain that she would be dirty cum bucket at this point he saw or felt nothing from before and only her own slick. He stuck a finger into her vagina and felt along its walls, inserting another and spreading the lips open for him to see right into her.

    “Call me surprised, you’re not dripping with cum after all of that, maybe that magic armor of yours got some uses.” He pondered outloud. “Wonder how much it’ll take to knock you up too” He grinned and fingered her more. She couldn’t help but feel embarrassed at the act squirming and still determined to break free. Having no patience for her trying to get away now he took his throbbing member and probed his tip into her and teased the fluffy slave-to-pleasure, grip on her waist not letting her move away.

    “You know you want it love, show ya want it” He commanded playing with the knight like a cat with a mouse. And as if her body was had a mind of its own, Vivi felt herself trying to push back against him to draw him deeper into her love canal. She tried to convince herself to do the opposite but the thought of being fucked mercilessly by him drove her insane. He let her go once she was certain it was the right direction and she threw her rear end on him taking his cock in fully in the single motion, moaning with guilty joy. Michael relaxed, letting her throw herself up and down on his meaty cock with utmost amusement. She churned her hips, moving so that every thrust brought her the most pleasure possible, striking against her g-spot. . Occasionally he grabbed and kneading her thick brown sugar booty as he watched her ass bounce against his pelvis.

    Out of the corner of her eye she noticed something glint on the table just to the side of the bed not far from them and even in the throes of lust a plan came to mind. Shamelessly she continued to drive them both toward completion, when they were both near the edge she reached for the knife she had seen, waiting for him to distract himself with her body and took it. She arched back, half turning toward Michael as she rocked back once more, causing them both to come. His sperm filled her with a warm goodness she was becoming accustomed too, as she turned around fully, pushing back even further causing the male to lose balance. With the rope that had been used on her before she tied the bandit leader’s hands out of the way and held the knife to his throat.

    “You’re coming with me,” she panted exhausted from the multiple rounds, getting off him but keeping the knife at his neck. He relaxed despite the danger still present, not arguing with her removing him from inside her.

    “In the mood for adventure? Sure I’ll humour you doll,” he calmly replied, watching as she got up and put the armor back willingly and found her sword in his quarters. She then picked up the tied still naked bandit leader and walked out with him at sword point.

    “Don’t worry boys let my new girl through,” He casually commanded, his men obeying and making a path for her to leave the hideout. “So, tell me the real deal of my ‘capture’. In love with me already?” He smirked with endless amounts of confidence.

    “Shut up!” She demanded blushing. “If.. I’m gonna have to deal with this might as well have someone to do it with instead of random citizens…”She said just above a whisper.

    “Forget about it. I need a new lead so we are heading into Town” He ordered leading him around still Frustrated at her dilemma but determined to find that witch and make her pay.

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