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Amateur College PAWG

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Eat My Pussy

I want you to eat my pussy. Will you please come home and eat my pussy? I want you to put your big fat tongue right on my tight little cunt. Blow in it. Kiss it softly. Tell my pussy that you that love it. Tell my pussy that you can’t live with out it. […]

Exploring the Clitoris

You know it’s there, but you don’t know where. At least you want to find it, since you are reading this. But more than that, you want to know what to do with it when you do find it. This will be a basic introduction to the female sexual organ with the greatest potential for […]

The Mysterious G-spot

There is perhaps no greater point of contention than the G-spot. Does it exist? Is it just a myth? How does it work? What do I do with it when, or if, I find it? I’ll try to address these questions, however I must admit to being a late member to the G-spot camp. Like […]

How To Suck Cock

How do you become the best cocksucker in the known world? Preamble — admiration and talk Admire his cock. This is a fabulous toy for us girls, sensitive and strong and fuckable. Get to know it. Love the velvety cock-head, and the long hard shaft. Get to know it up and down. Look at it. […]

Deepthroating 101

there are several stories and guides posted on the subject of giving blowjobs. Many of them are great and give various techniques and opinions on how to enhance oral sex on a guy. Once again, I’m not claiming to be an expert, especially at the young age of 22, but I do have skill, experience […]

How to Become a Sissy/Cuckold

This is a How To Guide for Sissies and Cuckolds. Please do not read this guide if you have no interest in the cuckold/sissy lifestyle. Like most couples these days both partners will be doing demanding full time jobs. Traditionally husbands have done gardening, cleaning the car, putting out the trash, performing do it yourself […]

How to Orally Pleasure a Man

This is a bit stream of consciousness and so it’s not organized at all but I think you’ll love reading it anyway. Most important rule of a blowjob is Wetness wetness wetness. Ok? Wetness is very important. Watch some videos online and see all the available different techniques. There’s hundreds of them. [read more=”Click here […]

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